Nov 2019

Outdoor rugs on a balcony create a feeling of space, add more colour and create balance with the existing furniture and décor elements

What are Outdoor Rugs?

We have all heard interior designers advise that we should bring the outside in by adding an element of nature to complete the look. However,  with the evolution of rugs, it’s time to take décor outside. Using stylish outdoor rugs to spruce up your braai area or patio is a simple and effective way to finish off decorating a space. HAUS outdoor rugs have been carefully and mindfully designed to ensure that they are not only stylish but also durable...

Jun 2019

May 2019

Aug 2018

Five Easy and Effective Ways to Enhance Your Space

Elements of Nature Invite an element of nature into your space with plants. This is a simple way to add instant colour and a feeling of liveliness to your interior. There’s more than aesthetics to this though: plants are beneficial for your overall wellbeing, and is known to aid in cleaning indoor air. In this case, aesthetic décor pairs well with an even bigger overarching trend – that of wellness. Go for Geometrics There is something somewhat mesmerising about tessellation, and geometric...

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