A Complete Guide to Bedding

How to choose the best bedding for your bed

There is nothing better than climbing into a comfortable warm bed at the end of a busy day. As the Dalai Lama said, “Sleep is the best meditation”, it is important to have bedding that is aesthetically pleasing as well as reflects your personality and adds to a tranquil space for a peaceful sleep. Gone are the days where bedding is a practical purchase, instead it is an imperative part of every bedroom design. Your bed should be an island created just for you to escape to and a luxurious hideaway from the rest of the world. For many people, beds are one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the home, it is the place where we spend most of time relaxing, sleeping or having fun. It is associated with happiness or a place of rest or solitude, therefore we should take pride in how our choice of bedding and it should make our hearts glow when walking into the room, like the feeling you get when seeing a loved one after a long time. So whether you are the type of person who has a love-hate relationship with the alarm clock or enjoys a lie-in, it is important to make the most of your bed. You need to invest in highest quality bedding you can afford and add your personality to it by adding stylish décor items such as scatter cushions and bedding throws to transform your bed into an oasis of stylish relaxation. Here are some bedding and bedroom décor colour trends for 2019. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you get that perfect balance of a beautiful bedroom, a relaxing space and bedding that encourages rest and leisure;

Popular patterns for bedding

When choosing a pattern or type of bedding, it is important to consider the colour palette of the room, your preferred style, the existing decor and how the emotions the pattern evokes in you, as your bed should be a sanctuary and a rejuvenating space in your home and if the print or colour creates anxiety or restlessness, it is best to leave that bedding at the store and find something that aids relaxation and contentment in your space. Most bedding styles have unique colour schemes that you need to pair with desired design that will achieve your desired look.

HAUS is always ahead of the pack, with a phenomenal selection of luxurious bedding that is fashionable, boasts high quality fabrics and caters for every bedroom.


Choose the right fabric for your bedding

According to the experts, the average person needs up to 8 hours sleep for a healthy lifestyle, together with eating right and exercising of course. Therefore it is important to remember that you must love the feel of the fabric of your bedding and it must be easy to wash and maintain, as over time you will be spending many hours snuggled up in it.

It is safe to say that with bedding, you get what you pay for. The higher the thread count of the bedding, the more luxurious the feel. This is also true for the texture of the bedding, the fabric used determines the feel and look of the bed linen, for example, Percale feels cool and crisp and sateen is smooth and soft with sheen.

HAUS offers only the highest quality bedding fabric made from 100% Cotton Percale Chambray to soft Cotton Sateen.

On-trend colours for your bedding

If you would like to bring your bedroom into 2019, there are many trendy colours on offer that will instantly transform the look and feel of your space. The secret to creating a ‘getaway-style’ bedroom is to opt for solid colour bedding. The trick is to layer your bedding with darker and lighter shades of the same colour, creating a monochromatic colour scheme.

HAUS prides themselves on offering colours that will not only perfectly complement the space, but also keep you home looking modern and up to date.

How to make sure your bedding is the right size

The size of your bedding is dependent of the size of your mattress, it is important before buying your bedding whether you have a single, three-quarter, double, queen or king size bed. The Standard South African sizing guide is as follows;

Single Bed 92cm Three-quarter cover 150cm
Three-quarter Bed 105cm Double duvet cover 200cm
Double Bed 152cm Queen duvet cover 230cm
Queen Size Bed 152cm Queen size duvet cover 230cm
King Size Bed 183cm Super King duvet cover 260cm

Are Fitted vs. flat sheets better for your bedding ensemble?

Fitted vs. flat sheets has been an international debate that has continued for many years when it comes to bedding you should choose. Whether you are a flat sheet fan or a fitted sheet fanatic, it is a personal choice. A flat sheet, also known as a top sheet, was created for the space in-between yourself and your bedding.

It serves as a heater and protection from dirt. When used as a mattress cover, it needs to be tucked into all four sides of the bed, unlike a fitted sheet, that has built-in elastic, allowing for hassle-free bed-making.

Is a top sheet the solution for your home?

How to choose the best inner for your bedding

The quality of duvet inners depends on the fill used on the inside. When choosing a duvet inner to complete your plush bedding set, opt for inners that are durable and easy to maintain. The duvet inners that contain cotton are highly absorbent, durable and breathable. This type of inner is great for the South African climate all year round.

The duck down filling has many of the advantages as the cotton inner, however this filling breathable, safe for the washing machine and suitable for a colder climate or the winter season. Natural fillings are soft, light and allow your skin to breath and your body not to overheat while sleeping. The natural fibers are resilient and longer lasting.

Synthetic filling, also known as Microfiber filling is a great solution to those who are allergic or sensitive to down and feathers. Inners that contain microfiber or synthetic filling stay evenly distributed as it manufactured with quilted squares in place, to ensure there is no bunching or loss of filling.

How to wash your bedding

When it is time to strip the sheets and wash that duvet cover, it is important to take note of the cleaning instructions. Many experts swear by washing in cool water on a delicate cycle, as hot water tends to break the fibers and eventually ruining the quality of the bedding.

Before throwing your washed bedding into the tumble dryer or ironing out the creases, check that it is safe for the fabric on the label, as many manufacturers advise against tumble drying and using a hot iron for high quality materials. There are some duvet inners that may be too heavy when wet and challenging to dry, therefore start early in the day to ensure you have maximum time for drying.

If you label says that you cannot machine wash as it will ruin your bedding, it is best to listen and hand wash. This is not as daunting as it sounds the best place to wash your duvet inner by hand in the bath tub. Make sure not to use any harsh chemicals on your duvet, as this can damage the fibers, it is better to use a mild detergent for delicate fabrics, as you also don’t want harmful chemicals getting into your bedding.

Here are a few great tips and tricks for cleaning your bedding.



Bedding FAQs

1. Where can you buy bedding online

HAUS online shop has a great range of bedding from fantasy bedding, premium bed sets, duck down duvets inners and sheets.

2. What is the best bedding design?

HAUS bedding comes in different designs, colours and sizes and some of our range includes:

3. How much does bedding cost?

The cost of bedding is determined by the quality of the fabric. HAUS boasts only the highest quality bedding fabrics, from 100% Cotton to Linen Percale. Top quality bedding can be priced from R400 to about R3000. When purchasing bedding, it is important to remember is that you get the quality that you pay for.

4. How often should you wash bedding?

It is a good idea to wash your bedding once a week or every fortnight. If your bedding is not washed regularly, it could contribute to allergies and asthma suffering and it is unhygienic.

5. What is the best way to put bedding together?

There are many ways to make a bed, here are some great tips get the most out of your bedding and create a neat relaxing space

6. Which material is best for bedding?

It is important to remember that you must love the feel of the fabric of your bedding and it must be easy to wash and maintain.

  • Look at the thread count of the bedding; the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets and pillowcases will be.
  • Look at the bedding fabric; many of these fabrics are blended with a synthetic fabric to make them more durable.
  • Look at the weave on the bedding; higher quality bed sheets and bed linens boast a tighter weave. Low-maintenance, comfortable bedding, have a medium tightness in their weave.
7. Why should you wash your bedding before use?

The fibers in brand new bedding and towels can contain a variety of chemicals and germs that you really don’t want against your skin.

The problem is easily solved by washing before use however. Here are a few reasons why you should wash your bedding before use:

  • Irritating chemicals
  • Dye reactions
  • Children’s sensitive skin
  • Feel soft and fragranced

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