Scatter Cushions – Everything you Need to Know

From the earliest known creation of scatter cushions in circa 7000 BC in Mesopotamia, scatters have been used to add luxury, comfort and colour to the home. HAUS by Hertex boasts a wide range of scatter cushions, enrobed in the essence of luxury, while complementing a variety of designs and homes, with quality fabrics, on-trend designs and high-class feather inners.

How to Decorate with Scatter Cushions

Contrary to popular belief among most men that scatter cushions serve no purpose and only take up space on a bed or couch, scatter cushions are a very practical and affordable way to update, add colour and pattern to a living or working space while adding a touch of luxury.

Just like the definition of the word scatter, meaning to disperse or move around in a variety of directions, scatter cushions can be mixed and matched and placed together in the lounge, bedroom or welcoming or eating area of the office. The famous interior designer, Juan Montoya, said it best, “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.”

In the old days, the number of cushions you owned reflected your status in society, the more scatter cushions you had, the richer you were or appeared to be. Dyes and fabrics were unaffordable by the lower classes and each cushion was an individual work of art customised for each wealthy customer. These days scatter cushions are accessible to everyone, the only difference in price depends on the quality of the fabric and inner.

When choosing a scatter cushion for your design, you need to consider the colour of your living space. If your walls and current decor is plain Jane, you may want to introduce some colour or patterns. It is important to remember that the scatters need to be the same intensity, so if you have chosen a neutral or pastel colour, they need to follow that colour scheme, but if you like the eclectic look, then go wild, your space should reflect your personality.

Make sure your scatter cushions are not identical to your sofa or bed, rather it should complement it. Choosing a colour that blends in will camouflage your cushions and not add to the room’s aesthetic. Here is quick video with some great tips and tricks on how to style your scatter cushions.

Popular Scatter Cushion Patterns and Designs

HAUS scatter cushions consist of a variety of patterns and designs, incorporating on-trend colours such as beige, blue, gold, grey, taupe and many more.



Types of Scatter Cushion Inners

HAUS by Hertex has sourced only the highest quality natural scatter cushion inners or fillings, feather and down. These luxurious fillings are light, soft and offer plenty of comforts. Feather and down are breathable and absorb moisture, keeping your scatter cushions, couch or bed dry.

The best quality scatters cushions contain 80% feathers and 20% down. Feathers are not as soft as down, because of the quills, however, they do create a soft structure for the scatter and keeps its shape.

Down is softer than feather filling, as it is the fine feathers found under the harder exterior feathers. Down is a natural thermal insulator and provides compressed padding, giving the scatter cushion that luxurious feel.

When choosing a scatter cushion the density of the scatter must be considered, as scatters that are too hard or soft do not offer a lot of comforts. Down and feather is the premium choice as it is easier to be reshaped and plumped up again after use.

Scatter cushions come in all shapes, sizes and patterns, which is why it is so important to choose what works for you and your décor. HAUS by Hertex has a wide range of scatter cushions to choose from to help you make your house feel like your home.

Scatter Cushions FAQs

1. How many scatter cushions should you use on a sofa?

Arranging your scatter cushions is an expression of style and your personality. By overcrowding your space with too many scatter cushions it will look cluttered, while only a few scatter cushions can look sparse and unbalanced.

The number of scatter cushions, depends on the size of your couch.

A minimal look is best for two-seater couch. We recommend 2-4 cushions. Arranging your scatter cushions in pairs is often a favourite way of styling.

We recommend 3-6 cushions for a three-seater couch paired together and arranged down. The three cushions can be styled similar to a two seater couch with the pairs of scatter cushions on either end. It may be best to choose scatter cushions of various shapes, textures and sizes that complement each other.

2. How do you arrange scatter cushions on bed?

Our favourite thing about arranging scatter cushions on the bed is that there is no real wrong method. There is however some basic arrangements that can be used daily as a base for a great scatter cushion and pillow combination.


3. What is the best method to arrange scatter cushions on a corner sofa?

Selecting the correct number of scatter cushions for your corner couch or sofa is key. The right amount of scatter cushions will add more dimension and depth to your living room.

A rule-of-thumb is usually 4-9 scatter cushions, depending on the size of your sofa. These cushions should work together as well as vary in size to create the desired effect. When choosing the placement of the scatter cushions, the single large cushion should be put at each end while the two scatter cushions should be placed in the centre.

Make sure that the scatter cushions used in the middle space are eye-catching, patterned or bold to give the couch that headliner look.

4. How to choose the right scatter cushions to suit your home?

The secret to this is making sure that the scatter cushions you choose pull all the elements of a room together, bring a sense of harmony to the space. Having a miss-matched space to live in is not ideal and it is easy to get the choice of scatter cushions incorrect as there are so many beautiful colours, patterns and textures. Here are some great ideas to help you choose the right scatter cushions for your home.


5. How do you wash scatter cushions?

The keyword is carefully. Follow the instructions on the label to ensure the best care of your scatter cushions during the cleaning process.

When washing your scatter cushion ensure that you remove the fabric cover first. Washing the scatter cushion covers are only for those that state they are washing machine friendly. The majority of covers are made out of cotton, linen, polyester will be machine washable. If it is made from fabrics such as wool, velvet, silk or upholstery, it will need to be taken to a dry cleaner.

6. How do you clean scatter cushions?

The easiest way to clean your scatter cushions is to use a damp sponge with a small amount of detergent and wipe across the surface area. After the scatter cushion is fully dry, spray with air freshener product or fabric spray.

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