Five Easy and Effective Ways to Enhance Your Space

Five Easy and Effective Ways to Enhance Your Space

Elements of Nature

Invite an element of nature into your space with plants. This is a simple way to add instant colour and a feeling of liveliness to your interior. There’s more than aesthetics to this though: plants are beneficial for your overall wellbeing, and is known to aid in cleaning indoor air. In this case, aesthetic décor pairs well with an even bigger overarching trend – that of wellness.

Go for Geometrics

There is something somewhat mesmerising about tessellation, and geometric patterns – whether bold or subtle – are not only extremely on-trend this season, but also add an eye-catching and contemporary factor to your space. Whether you are combining different geometric patterns or alternatively using one item incorporating geometrics as an accent piece – it creates a striking dynamic to your home aesthetic.

Embrace the Imperfect

The modern interior look has always been synonymous with clean, straight lines. However, diagonal statures, round shapes, layered items and variations of sizes can add a personalised flair to your space, an quickly dress up a drab area. Whether you are nesting a non-matching pair of round tables, layering rugs or throws, or populating your patio with a variety of planters – don’t be too set on the perfect placement, and find an aesthetic solace in the “imperfectness”.

Layers, layers, and more layers

Textured items and layers are one easy way of switching things up for a new season. Layers are most effective when you can clearly differentiate between it. The most efficient way to make that separation apparent is through incorporating contrast into your decorating. Not only does this help define a space, but it also makes it more visually interesting. And, layers aren’t only limited to materials (such as runner rugs, bedding and throws), but you can also make use and concentrate on colours, patterns, textures and sizing when it comes to the subtle art of layering.

Decorate with Scatters

It’s not always an easy move to be bold when it comes to your interior. Trends come as fast as they may go – therefore scatters are a convenient addition to update your look with little effort. Through the works of simple colour and depth, scatters add another dimension to your space when it comes to the composition – and can easily pull your lounge or bedroom together to form a cohesive look. Go for a bold botanical print or a rectangular in-vogue velvet scatter in a sombre hue making for a stand-out feature.

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