What are Outdoor Rugs?

Outdoor rugs on a balcony create a feeling of space, add more colour and create balance with the existing furniture and décor elements

What are Outdoor Rugs?

We have all heard interior designers advise that we should bring the outside in by adding an element of nature to complete the look. However,  with the evolution of rugs, it’s time to take décor outside. Using stylish outdoor rugs to spruce up your braai area or patio is a simple and effective way to finish off decorating a space.

HAUS outdoor rugs have been carefully and mindfully designed to ensure that they are not only stylish but also durable and strong enough to withstand outside elements.

What are the types of Outdoor Rugs?

Outdoor rugs are characterised by the materials used to manufacture them and the slightly harder texture. There are many types of outdoor rugs to choose from, and our outdoor rugs ranges have its own unique and elegant designs, which have all been thoughtfully crafted. Our outdoor rugs are made of the highest quality materials and are perfect to complete any room.

What are Outdoor Rugs made of?

The HAUS outdoor rugs are made of synthetic, man-made fibres; these include polypropylene or olefin, nylon, acrylic and polyester. The difference between these materials are difficult to recognise and are only visible to the trained eye. These materials are treated with harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process, making them strong and durable.Polypropylene outdoor rug

Synthetic materials ensure a long life as they can withstand outside elements, handle pets well and are easier to clean than other natural materials such as wool.

FAQs about Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are not only for aesthetic use but also protect against dust, dirt and moisture. If you are in the market for a new outdoor rug, here are few FAQs to equip you with important information before you buy.

1. Are flatweave rugs the best type of Outdoor Rugs?

Flatweave outdoor rugs are considered the best as they are flat on both sides and reversible making them more versatile. These type of outdoor rugs are able to withstand a fair amount of foot traffic and do not shed, minimising wear and tear and hence ensuring a longer lifespan.

2. Do Outdoor Rugs need to complement the colour scheme?

When choosing from our wide range of outdoor rugs at HAUS, consider the existing colours and patterns on your patio. Choose an outdoor rug that will complement the décor elements, colours and style instead of dominating the space.

3. Are Outdoor Rugs weather-resistant?

If you are planning on leaving outdoor rugs outside 24/7, it is important to find one that is moisture-proof and that can withstand different weather conditions. To avoid water accumulation when it rains, ensure that you buy an outdoor rug with a protective backing. If your entertainment area is prone to lots of sunlight, make sure the outdoor rugs are UV-resistant meaning they will not lose their colour.

4. How big should Outdoor Rugs be?

When it comes to outdoor rugs, size is important as you do not want too small a rug in a large space or vice versa. Before you head to the shops, measure the space where the outdoor rug is meant to go carefully to ensure that the rug won’t fill the entire entertaining area.Outdoor rugs on a balcony create a feeling of space, add more colour and create balance with the existing furniture and décor elements

5. Are outdoor rugs easy to maintain?

Outdoor rugs can be prone to dirt build-up, which is unavoidable. When they are stain-resistant, outdoor rugs are more low maintenance as dirt can simply be washed off with a hose. Opt for outdoor rugs containing a jute and sisal weave, which are more dirt-resistant and requires less frequent cleaning.


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