Choose the right size rug for your setting

For the Dining room:
The most important point in selecting a rug for a dining room is that the chairs are used comfortably around the table. If you have a table with extensions that are often used, it is best to consider a slightly larger rug so that the layout does not appear wanting.
General Rule: It is usually recommended to allow at least cm 70cm-90cm around each side of the table so that your chairs can be accommodated.
Chairs should never move off the rug when being used. Be sure to take the size of your chairs into consideration as well.
For the Bedroom:
Chairs should never move off the rug when being used. Be sure to take the size of your chairs into consideration as well.
General Rule: To find that perfect border around your bed, it is recommended that you purchase a rug that allows at least 70cm – 80cm of space along each side, including the front of the bed. This is often complimented with the suggestion of buying a larger rug, rather than runners, as these tend to move around. A bigger rug allows for warmth throughout the room, and leaves room to play with your space and enlarge the appearance of your setting.
Tip: Measure twice, check thrice! When planning the layout of the bedroom, be sure to understand the size of the bed, bedside tables and other furniture. Buying the right size is all about ensuring you plan and envision your space in advance.
Check out these images for bed size ideas and configurations.
For the Living Room:
The living room is the perfect space to show your own personal style and to explore new design aesthetics.
You can decide on one rug to anchor the room or several smaller ones to work with the space. This allows you to rearrange later on if you decide you want a change but want to work with what you already have at your disposal.
General Rule: The more space you have, the more suggestive the general rule of having a portion of your furniture directly on the rug becomes… It remains important however to measure the space to your disposal and have an idea of how to best use the space.
Tip: The living room is the perfect setting to play with space sectioning. You can use smaller rugs to separate the space you have to create the impression of an even larger space.
For All Area Rugs:
It is important to understand that padding options for rugs must be considered to allow a rug to breath, avoid unnecessary damage and wear of the rug, or to just add luxurious padding to create an even more plush effect.